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PatentsFund.com - Generate High Intellectual Property Revenues

Intellectual property (IP) refers to a legal entitlement that generally enables its holder to exercise exclusive rights of use in relation to the subject matter of the intellectual property.

PatentsFund.com's expertise is in a particular subset of intellectual property, better known as industrial property.
Industrial property includes 3 main elements: Patents, Trademarks & Designs.

Developing, acquiring, managing or investing in intellectual property (IP) & particularly in industrial property is not a simple task.
Tempting as it may be due to extremely high profits that successful investments generate, intellectual property investments are still considered High Risk investments.

£ PatentsFund.com specializes in transforming good ideas into industrial property and generate revenue.
£ PatentsFund.com recognizes and targets existing industrial property with high revenue potential.
£ PatentsFund.com is skilled in identifying firms that own secure, stable and promising industrial property.
£ PatentsFund.com provides excellent Institutional Investment (above 1 million USD) opportunities.
£ PatentsFund.com provides excellent Private Investment (200K - 1 million USD) opportunities.
£ PatentsFund.com is a good place for inventors (getting initial funds, resources or priceless evaluations).

Think you can do it all by yourself? The following statement might change your mind:
Having a promising (or even brilliant) new idea just isn't enough these days. There are many obstacles to overcome before having the pleasure of "meeting" with the desired profits. Before starting any Intellectual property effort, one must have sufficient funds, must also choose and hire professionals of various fields, and better also have extraordinary idea/s, and extraordinary multi-disciplinary skills, including: technical skills, vast local & international legal knowledge, economy & business skills, market research skills, and of course marketing and negotiation skills combined with a good sense of discretion.

Looking for very good investments?
Already found a promising firm or idea you'd like to invest in?
Invented something new?

PatentsFund.com might be the right place for you.

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