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Investment Results & Data - 2010

As stated in our investment policy documents, 60%-80% of our investments (assets where PatentsFund.com acts as the trustee) are invested in public companies traded on NYSE, NASDAQ, Nikkei, TASE and other stock exchanges.
The exact portion invested depends on the individual investment agreement signed.

We are proud to present our 2010 performance data for this significant portion.

As always, many transactions were made during 2010. These involved carefully selected companies with strong IP, reacting to market trends on real-time. We also enhanced our investment portfolio with promising real estate firms, promising firms from the energy sector, and companies with strong IP in the food & genetics arena. The methodolgy was similar to the one created during 2009.

The selected companies were:

Internal Serial Number



39001 Northen Dynesty NAK
21006 Elbit Systems Ltd. ESLT
21005 Fujitsu Component Ltd. 6719:JP
39002 Crosstex Energy Inc XTXI
20015 Hewlett-Packard Company HPQ
21004 NEC Corp. 6701:JP
39003 LOWES Corp L
39004 Crosstex Energy LP XTEX
39005 Anglo American Plc AAUKY
20079 Sun Microsystems Inc. JAVA
20105 Microsoft Corporation MSFT
Monstanto Co MON
Nokia Corp. NOK
Syngenta AG SYT
Brookfield Homes BHS
Google Inc. GOOG
Broadcom Corp. BRCM
Sprint Nextel Corp. S


Amdocs Limited DOX

Average Gross Interest - 2010: 7.12%

Average PatentsFund.com Management Fee: 1.52%
Average Profit Sharing PatentsFund.com Fee: 0.78%
Average Stock Transaction Costs: 2.77%

Average Interest Generated To Investors (After Expenses) During 2010:

Legal Notice
This information is confidential and may contain proprietary or privileged information.
This information is provided to the recipient, for the purpose of considering and evaluating the opportunity referred to herein.
It is intended for use by sophisticated investors who are able to conduct their own investigations and legal and financial due diligence in connection with it.
The information contained herein is based on assumptions thought by IWC to be reasonable as of the publication date.
The recipients of this information should independently confirm and assess all of the information contained herein, including all projections and in making decisions must rely exclusively on their own independent inquiries and due diligence investigations.
IWC declares all such investment opportunities to be of very high risk, and not suitable for the non-sophisticated investor. Information and opinions presented in this document have been obtained or derived from sources believed by IWC and/or its subsidiaries and/or its affiliates to be reliable, but IWC makes no representation as to their accuracy or completeness.
IWC accepts no liability for any loss arising from the use of the material presented.
This information does not constitute an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy or subscribe for any securities or other financial instruments of IWC or any other entity, which shall only be made through relevant subscription and offering documents, nor to constitute any advice or recommendation with respect to such securities or other financial instruments.

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